Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sealing an Under-Table Router Switch

I have a Bosch 1617EVS router in my table; it lives there.  It doesn't even come out for Obesity Day. Problem is, routers make unbelievable amounts of dust and they generally have a power switch that isn't made to live in unbelievable amounts of dust.

I have an external safety switch for my router so it's convenient to power on and off while the router is in the hell I call the dust box.  The router is just always on.

Problem: dust gets into the switch so you have to do the pilgrimage to warranty repair to get it replaced.  It takes time.  Meanwhile, you just want to profile something!!

Solution: your local Borg sells a silicone tape that sticks tenaciously to itself, but nothing else.  It is used to seal leaky pipes.  Wrap it around your router to completely cover the switch and it is pretty much sealed.  You can still flip the switch the few times you many need to under the table as the tape flexes, but you can skip the trip to switch Mecca.

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