Monday, May 17, 2010

It's not just for your wash

Well, you do wash, right?

I pointed out this trick to someone tonight and realized it might not be so obvious.

The dude was putting rubber mats in his workshop, the so-called anti-fatigue mats (if you're not getting tired, you're chillin' too much or you have the Internet in your shop).  If you have those, you know they can get loaded with static charge.  Everything sticks.

The solution is simple.  Take them outside (or, do this before installing them :))  Mop them with a bucket of water with a little liquid fabric softener added; pick your favorite fragrance.  Don't wipe them dry; let them air dry.

Fabric softener includes something to eliminate static cling.  The effect lasts a long time on these mats.  I do them maybe once a year.  Since I blow out my garage with a leaf blower to clear the settled dust, the mats now come out clean.  Prior to treating, there'd always be a layer of dust I couldn't move.

Try to avoid scented softeners with any of the words "bubblegum", "tutu", or "peach kiss" in the name of the fragrance lest your beer buddies get concerned.

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