Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sculpted Mahogany Vanity - The Start

In looking around the house, I had to ask myself, "self, why is there a granite vanity top in the living room?"  I decided that installing it needs to be the next project.

Now, building the vanity base is no big deal; installing it will be as it means removing the existing builder's vanity, fixing the drywall behind it, chipping away 6 half-tiles that surround the existing vanity so I can put down more to finish the field.  Good grief, reading that is talking me out of it :)

Anyway, today's video is the start of the vanity project.  Building a box and topping it with granite wouldn't be interesting so I decided to sculpt the drawer fronts and sides carrying over the relief to the backsplash.

I'll leave you with the video as I go down to the shop to get the structure dimensioned and assembled :)  wahoo!

UPDATE: this video is about the design and how I plan on shaping the vanity.  Once you've watched this video, head over to a photo update after the sculpting portion is nearly done so you can get a better visual of what that part is about.  It's a contemporary project, but I like those.  If contemporary isn't your thing, check the show-notes for each in the series as I try to cover things that are useful in any project.  Or just play some Angry Birds! :)


  • Mark Rhodes said...

    Looks like an interesting project Paul, I'm looking forward to seeing you carve out the frontal detail, and ultimately how it looks overall.

  • HalfInchShy said...

    Thanks, Mark... admittedly, this wasn't the most interesting episode. I uploaded it a couple days before publishing it then watched it when I posted it to the blog. It definitely needs more music, power tools, other people's bikinis. I'll work on it... no guarantee about the bikinis.