About Me

Naturally, I like woodworking as a hobby, but an ice hockey tournament will easily get me out of the shop :)

When it isn't a thousand degrees outside (hey, it's Arizona), I like to go salsa dancing.

I got interested in woodworking in January 2008 while on a business training trip. Bored mindless, I was Googling for some simple remodeling questions and Marc Spagnuolo's site (TheWoodWhisperer.com) came up. This was way early in TWW's legacy. Somehow, I got interested. Things would have been considerably different had I known a salsa club was just a block and a half away! d'oh! So, as I look around at what this hobby has cost me, I figure Marc owes me dinner, BBQ by preference.  :)

My blog was an occasional hobby of mine, almost a way of documenting things I found in the shop.  I started taking it more seriously in February 2011 when the FOG sponsored a contest that included video reviews of Festools.  Not being lucky in numbers games, my 17 entries against 7 total from others lost the random drawing, but I knew that in advance given my history.  Regardless, it started some traffic toward the blog; embarrassed, I had to start posting something more worthwhile!

I've since added a number of videos on shop projects, other tool reviews, and multi-part projects.  The multi-parts are usually projects for myself since filming greatly slows a project down.

So what's in a name?  My dad used to love coming over on the weekend to be in my shop; he was never a woodworker, but loved being in the shop.  He would mostly ask me impossible questions during an impromptu project... stuff like "how are you going to join those two?" !?!?!  :)   Early on, my nemesis was the tape measure: I could measure something 3 times then add an inch "for good measure" and come up a half-inch shy.  That was a never-ending source of amusement for him so it became the name of the blog.  R.I.P. dad; miss you.  For the most part, I don't have that problem (as much) anymore.

I'm also a member of Charles Neil's Mastering Woodworking guild.  The projects and techniques there are more advanced than the other guilds around; even if you don't like Southern furniture, the techniques and bazillion ways to accomplish the same thing are worth the watch.  Highly recommended.

I'm also on Google+ along with a number of other woodworkers.  Here's my Google+ profile.

If you'd like to write me, send an email to 
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