Monday, May 17, 2010

Film your Stuff

No, this isn't an invitation for you to make your own porn; it wouldn't compete with the Tommy/Pamela video leak anyway.

No, it just seems like in my neighborhood, there's been more vandalism, garage-door break-ins, and maybe even some home porn, but I really wouldn't think you'd want that, either.

So grab a video camera and cruise through your shop then your house.  You can narrate a bit, but mostly pan everything at a reasonable speed and open all drawers for a shot.  Put the tape somewhere safe so if you get a break-in and something gets swiped, you have some video reminder and proof of what you had.  Granted, for jewels, you need papers, but when someone pops your garage door and swipes every tool they can reach in 5 minutes, you'll stand better with the insurance.

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