Monday, April 2, 2012

Angle Madness! - Project Design Introduction

I'm about to start on a new project and this video is the introduction showing you a mock-up of the main parts along with some discussion of the other elements.

I'm not telling you what the project is here in the blog entry, at least not yet.  The video shows a stack of the mock-up parts then assembles them in high speed.  Guess what it is I'm making!  Afterward, the video explains what it is and the many design choices that went into it.

There are no tools in use in this video; this is just staging things for the series.  Sometimes listening to a design discussion requires an extra demitasse of espresso so be sure to get that ready before hitting play!

I think this project will be a great challenge with a lot of interesting design and woodworking elements in it.  While the project as a whole seems daunting at times, the individual parts are more manageable challenges.  Besides, it's only daunting because it's new :)

(here's the video link for my email subscribers to view it on the video's page)

So, when I think of someone making a demitasse of espresso, I get a flashback to this classic Beverly Hills Cop scene; warning: there are two words in it that may or may not have been uttered during a glue-up in your shop...

It has been tough getting time in the shop lately, but I have things to complete before the intense Arizona heat arrives!!  Thanks for the patience :)


  • ChrisHasFlair said...


    That was a really interesting video. I especially liked your board stretcher at 3:25.

    The mock-up does a good job of illustrating your intentions. I like the shape and the rods. I'm not sure about leaving a keystone-shaped piece between the top two drawers. I think I would be inclined to leave it out for greater continuity.

    Even though you didn't showcase any fancy power tools, I still find myself wanting something new for my workshop... a tape dispenser. I wonder if they're available for packing tape...


  • bob kloes said...

    Very elegant design. It should be an interesting build on this. Great pick on the materials. I like the nickle rod idea.

  • Tim Raleigh said...

    Cool design Paul. All that without Sketchup. Amazing.
    Couple of "subjective" comments please take them for what they are worth. As Chris said the keystone shape between the two drawers at the top will look odd. Architecturally the keystone is used to give strength and durability to arches but in this instance it will weaken the overall esthetic and it will look odd. A straight line will work well. Also I find the height of the bottom box seems just a bit too much.
    As usual thanks for posting this video I always enjoy them.

  • HalfInchShy said...

    Thanks for the comments, guys...

    Maybe keystone is a bad word; basically I'll cut the drawers out of the boards and leave a bit of stock between the drawers. Perhaps a better way would be to just cut the whole drawer front out and cut it in two so the drawers are immediately side by side. That's a good thought and Tim echo's that feeling.

    I'll look at the bottom box again to see how I like the height. That's actually very easy to change without altering any other spacing. I think, though, it might be a bit of a camera thing because the camera was straight-on with the bottom box. Normally you would be looking down to that box if it were on the floor. I want to put it on some cardboard spacers right where it will go and see how I like it. Since I can't be in the shop for the next couple days, it'll be perfect to leave it there and see if I like it.

  • Anonymous said...

    Paul, I like the design. I like the keystone idea. Of course there are several different keystone designs out there (some 3 dimensional). The overall design reminds me a little of the Art Deco style. What came to my mind when you discussed what diameter you wanted the rods, was a smaller diameter rod giving more of a floating effect between the drawer levels, and a thicker one (in my minds eye) would become more a part of the overall structure. The first picture on this web page (Hoover Building London), via the link below, is an interesting Art Deco interior design. Maybe you could remodel one of your rooms to look like this to put your entertainment center in. :-)

    Thanks for the insightful video,


  • rmac said...

    The Tempe City Hall has been there for more than forty years. I've heard about it many times, but never seen it. Have you?

    -- Russ

  • HalfInchShy said...

    Ooh, good call Dean and Russ... love that window in Dean's link and yes, I have seen the Tempe City Hall once while doing a city-wide scavenger hunt. Impressive building. Could you imagine loading up that building with A/V equipment?! Awesome!

  • Jim A said...

    Now I remember you!! You were that guy who paid attention in trig class.

    Truncated cone. I'm going to have to thing about those facets a bit, though.

    I salute tour courage Paul Marcel!


  • Unknown said...

    hi Paul this entertainment look really interesting, when do u think you have it done, i would really like to see the finish product!! by the way Paul i watch your modify video on the festool table and in one of the video you mention an article can you send me the link to this article, thank you very much

  • HalfInchShy said...


    The project isn't finished yet; unfortunately, I've been mostly out of the shop since December due to a crazy overtime project for my day job. The little time I've had was to deal with some home remodeling efforts more than furniture!

    Add to that some vacation weeks to take some woodworking seminar classes and I'm out of time!

    However, I am still working on it. With little time, I have been doing finishing experiments and will post that video soon.

    For the MFT video, any article I would have referenced is on the Festool USA site's documentation page. I'm not sure, though, which document you mean. If you don't find what you need there, maybe give me a timecode in the video where I mention it?