Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Angle Madness! - Dominoing the Drawer Tiers

Finally got a chance to get back at editing this video; apologies, work got crazy.

In this episode, we'll Domino the curly Maple shell of the diamond-shaped cabinet tiers for a dry fit.  We can only do a dry fit for now since there's a whole drawer webbing to make on the inside as well as the top and bottom veneered panels (next episode!)

Using the Domino on a bevel angle has a few challenges mostly with being precise so you get a perfect dry-fit joint that doesn't require a clamp to fight the mis-aligned Domino.  There are ways to correct for that, and I go over it a bit in this episode.

Since Dominos on a beveled edge can get close to the outside show surface, there are also considerations beyond the obvious: don't pop through!  Careful placement and glue-up will avoid finishing problems later.

Midway through, I made a comment that inside the mortises, it's all end-grain.  On a bevel like these, that's the case and that presents glue-up issues.  I went over this a bit in a separate Domino Crib Sheet video.

Grab a latté and cue it up!

...and thanks for watching :)