Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Galootish Tendancies

So I get labeled a Normite since I have a couple powertools and will dovetail drawers with a router jig before whipping out my favorite Dozuki to do them by hand.

Behold, photographic proof that I know how a hand plane works.

This 30"x30" panel of QS ribbon mahogany was jointed flat by hand on the underside.  The top surface was hand processed with the exception of the progressive tapered cove cut in by table saw using a jig I came up with and a program to print out the math involved.

The 2" wide band on the side of the cove is a flat area and the sides bevel down to 1/4"; since the inside edge of the bevel is along a tapered cove, it is tapered adding to the fun. This is a picture after I finished and swept the board.  Keeping the bevel even and the flats coplanar was half the fun of doing this by hand; at the widest, the cove is wider than my plane.

Here's the other angle showing the hamster bedding everywhere.  Note the ribbon curl.  Normal planing techniques tear-out like nobody's business.  I'm happy to report absolutely zero tear-out; not even a little tiny corner that needed sanding.
Da bucket... there were more on the floor.  Yeah, I know this isn't dust like my table saw generates, but a DC takes care of that.  This you have to sweep.  SWEEP!! Oh, my...

Here's the resulting board with the hand-shaped handles, done with a spokeshave and occasional scraping.

The result after 3 highly diluted coats of Seal-A-Cell rubbed in (handles aren't yet attached).  Glass smooth.  Drawer fronts will be cut from this and applied to the drawers I hope to glue-up tomorrow.

This whole drawer front stack was an original design and so far, I'm pretty happy with it.

Now, gimme back my damn power cord...