Saturday, May 22, 2010

Beveling Corners on a Bandsaw

From my previous posting, you saw that I'm working on some shaped handles for a set of drawers.  The back side of each handle has a small 3:1 taper on each side to the back.  This is to soften the feel of the handle in your hands.  Thing is, I can't directly use the bandsaw fence to guide the piece as even the short fence is taller than the high-side of this bevel.

My solution was to put a scrap piece of oak against the fence and adjust the fence so a handle pushed against the oak would get the appropriate bevel.  Problem is that there'd be no support on the outfeed side of the cut.  For this, I put double-stick tape on the side of the oak so it could stick to the fence.  I pushed the oak through the blade until about an inch was on the outfeed side then pressed the oak to the fence (it was basically touching it, but pressure was needed to make it stick).  Now I have support after the cut so the last 1-2 inches of the handle are well supported and don't move around.

Push the handle through with the bandsaw thingy I discussed previously.  This whole setup was just too simple and effective.

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