Sunday, May 23, 2010

Adding "Feet" to a Flat-Bottomed Cabinet

So, I made a bench for planing, vice work, "SysPort", and clamp storage.  The sides and front were straight rails that sat on the ground.  Okay, okay, dumb idea given the "flatness" of the average garage.

Anyhow, I quickly and easily retrofitted "feet" into this bench (I didn't want to change the height as it was matched to an MFT/3).
This is how I did it: first, blue-tape the end of each foot on each side of a rail. Next, use a bearing-piloted rabbeting bit (say that 3 times fast...) to make the pattern in place.  That is, use the bearing against the rail itself and the top thickness of the rail will get the rabbet.  The rabbet is between the feet you delineated with the blue tape and naturally a stopped rabbet like this will have nicely rounded ends.
Now, to finish.  For this, I used a bearing-piloted pattern bit (okay, that's redundant).  The pattern was the rabbeted recess I just created and it will flush away the rest of the rail to complete creating the feet.
Voilà, the result:

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