Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quilted Maple Picture Frame - Profile and Infusing Color

This is a quickie project for my best friend.  He brought me a huge 5'x3.5' painting to frame.  It has nice solid colors: blue and black.  This would be a great weekend project... if I didn't start on Sunday.  This video is part 1 of 3 showing the design for the profiled stock and how I'm coloring it.
Since making a frame isn't rocket science, I decided to talk more about infusing the curl with a different color than the surface and the use of plastic resin glues.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mortising with a Drilling Jig

So, I repaired something for a friend a long time ago and now, everybody he knows is sending repairs my way.  Eh, sometimes they are amusing, like this one.  And these guys pay nicely :)

Why a video on doing a simple door repair?  Because this one had a catch and the solution was a drilling jig.  I happen to use a Bridge City Toolworks DJ-1, but any decent drilling jig would do this trick.  While you may never repair a door like this, I think the technique is something worth remembering for a day when you're 'stuck'.  I got good at these cuz I get stuck a lot :)

Other Tool Nerds :)

Okay, so I've gotten the tool reviews out of my system for awhile :)

But if you long to read or view some more, there are other tool nerds out there (no, really, it's true!)

Brice Burrell of Burrell Custom Carpentry also reviews a number of tools, Festool and non-Festool alike, along with how-to's.  I'm definitely more shop-bound; commissions I get are done in my shop or, if I have to, I rather clumsily get my tools to their place.  Brice is primarily an on-site carpenter so his reviews will have that angle.  There are definitely some different considerations.

Then there's Cliff of TheWoodNerd.com.  Uhm, it doesn't get anymore obvious than that!

I have a couple more reviews I'm sure you'll be interested in, but not until I finish up a couple or three projects first.  Oye!  I'm behind! :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Review and Demo of Festool RO-90 DX Tri-Mode Sander

I've been using the RO-90 sander for a couple weeks now; few of the projects were normal woodworking projects, but it excels at so much given its small maneuverable size and power (well, to me, sanding the skin of a '39 Ford is an odd job...)

This weekend, I created a video review of the tool along with two demo videos.

The review video talks about the sander and compares it to its larger Rotex cousins and to the DTS-400 delta-headed sander.  There's also a tour of some interesting accessories.  I know, I know, "but it's a sander!" and it's true that few things can be more abrasive to talk about than a sander (sorry, had to...), but this sander's size and three modes actually make it interesting.

The first demo shows it in use to strip old varnish off a Teak door I'm refinishing.  That demonstrates the disc and ROS modes.  I then use the flat panel as a substrate to run the RO-90 and DTS-400 side-by-side so you can see their efficiencies at this task.  The DTS-400 is one of my favorites, by the way.

The second demo shows it in use to strip old varnish and flatten an Oak cabinet I have neglected for too many years.  In this demo, I show a few usage techniques you might like.

Here's the playlist... click through to the main YouTube page to see it in full-screen HD.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Be A Bridge City Toolworks JMP Demo Dude

This is an intriguing offer from John Economaki, the founder of Bridge City Toolworks.

Over on John Economaki's blog, he has a very intriguing offer.  Essentially, if you have a Bridge City Toolworks JMP (v2, SW, or old skool v1 :D) and would be interested in demoing one to fellow woodworkers at WIA, he'd like to hear from you.  Should you be among the chosen, he'll spring for airfare and 2 nights' stay to get you there (I think it is implied you'll also be sent back ;)).

Just thought to post it in case y'all are too busy boxing with your WCR-1000s...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Festool WCR-1000 Tipping Demo

After my preview of the WCR-1000, people wondered if the tall narrow vac was going to be tipsy.  They also asked if all that extra stuff on the top would make bag changes annoyingly longer.  This quick video does a tip test then a bag change.  I do talk about a couple caveats with a direct installation on a CT or hose garage.

Frankly, I'm impressed... first video that isn't super long :)

Different Kind of Side-Job

I needed some wheels welded awhile back so I took them to my mechanic.  While there, a hot-rodder and I got to talking.  He ended up commissioning me to put in a floor and walls in the trunk of his '39 Ford hot rod.  This is just ply, Bondo, and epoxy, but it still is a bit of a fun project for a Saturday (actually, any day of the week!).  The ply panels will be upholstered in scarlet red; the existing grey upholstery will also be redone in red.

I took a bunch of photos of the car knowing both of you might enjoy it :)  Oddly enough, I forgot to take pictures when the floor was done, but we've seen enough ply, haven't we?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Video Preview of the Festool WCR-1000

Today, I found a set of big big boxes by my front door.  That's always fun :)  Even if you don't like the contents, you can always build a fort!

Kidding aside, the box contained the Festool WCR-1000 workcenter. This little diddy fits on top of your dust extractor and gives you a platform for stuff.  It has peg-board-like surfaces for more stuff.  It has a shelf for (wait for it...) stuff.  It has dual sander hooks for stu... er, sanders.  It has a drill hook for your drill.

In this video playlist, I unbox and assemble.  I show off some of the build details of the WCR-1000 as well as some considerations for installation (and there are some!)  If you plan on getting this for an older model dust extractor, I think you should watch this clip first.  It won't detract you from the WCR-1000, but at least you'll know a couple installation options.

The final part of the video playlist is a tour of my installation, which is much different than the one shown in the promo videos.  I also go through some nice uses.  I haven't used this at all yet -- I just got it! -- so this is definitely a preview.  Give me a month or so for a more detailed review.

Keep an eye, too, on the 'WCR-1000' label on the sidebar of my blog.  I fully expect it to start filling up with blog postings with more ideas you can apply to yours.

Popcorn?  Okay, hit it...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Festool OF-2200 Review and Demo (OF-1400, too!)

I did a video review last night of the Festool OF-2200 router, comparing it along side the OF-1400 router we're more familiar with.  The last clip is a demo showing both routers in action.  Kinda wish I had a bigger bit to use for the demo, but these are certainly more common uses of either router.  Naturally the demo will demonstrate the dust collection as well.