Monday, October 3, 2011

Sculpted Mahogany Vanity - Reinforcing the Drawer Handles

Back from a great weekend at WIA '11... so glad this video was ready to go!

We shaped the integral drawer handles last episode, but it seems like a good idea to reinforce those rabbet handles to keep the fibers from eventually pulling away... especially on that bottom drawer where I plan on hiding my stash of bowling balls and anvils.

I've used variations on this technique on a number of projects, none of which look like any of the others.  That said, I think you'll find it useful when you need to reinforce something clandestinely.

In the next episode, the drawer fronts get applied and finish applied.  Then all that's left is hanging it up, which is great because I'm tired of having the granite top in the hallway!!  Actually, if you watched the Domino SCG-10 review video, it was to the point of applying the finish in the background.

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