Monday, October 10, 2011

Charles Neil in Tucson this Weekend

Woodcraft in Tucson is hosting a woodworking show this Saturday October 15th, 2011.  Charles Neil will be in town at the show then doing a series of classes this weekend.  Classes include "Best of Finishing", "Making the Flame Finial", "Scooping a Chair Seat with Ease", and "Compound Mortise and Tenon Joints Made Easy".

I'll be attending and helping out for all the classes (you know, the gopher!) and would love to see you there.  Living in Chandler, Tucson is just 90ish minutes away and a pretty easy drive... so if you are in Phoenix, make a day trip out of it.  If you want to car pool any of the days, write me at HalfInchShy at gmail dot com (you have to know the spam scanner can figure that out, but just in case...)


  • Gerry said...

    I'm already signed up! I'm dragging the 5th wheel to Tucson, instead of driving 2 hours each way.

    Anyone up for dinner / drinks on Friday evening? See you all there!


  • HalfInchShy said...

    Excellent news, Gerry! Dunno about the others, but I'll be driving in Saturday morning for the woodworking show. Likely only going to stay overnight on Sunday night as I have some personal things going on Sunday morning.

    So I think every night is game for your plan; we just need to figure out where!

  • Brian Q said...

    I wish I could go but the annual Tour De Fat is being hosted in Tempe this Saturday. Have fun gents.