Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Calibrating the Festool Domino Cursor

The cursor hairs on the Festool Domino are a user-calibrated part of the Domino fence. While the bottom of the Domino has a factory calibrated center line, you need to transcribe that line to the cursor hairs for accuracy when doing "pencil line" mortises.

This video shows you a quick way to do it on a new fence I received for my Domino.

So get your Domino, a T-10, some blue tape, and two chunks of scrap wood (maybe popcorn, too!) and let's calibrate that beast.


  • Anonymous said...

    No more out of focus bunny and shoulder plane? I like your new picture, but is the gizmo on the left the tool that was used to cut out the rock slices and what looks like an abalone shell? What is the gizmo called? It looks like a router of some sort. Or, maybe a router with an adapter.

    Thanks, Dean

  • HalfInchShy said...

    So the bunny thing was kind of a joke way back during Chinese New Years, but I kept forgetting to shoot a new picture! :)

    The gizmo is a router base for a Foredom rotary tool. The shell on the right is abalone and white mother of pearl. You buy those in that form prepared. You use the router base to route the cavity for inlaying cut and shaped pieces of the shell.

    Much more on that about to appear on the blog :)

  • Anonymous said...

    Well, I looked up Foredom rotary tools. Are you planning on providing dental services on the side now? :-( Looking forward to your blog on this tool (Of course! I can’t look back yet).


  • HalfInchShy said...

    I shivered at that thought, Dean... (but not the thought of a lovely dental assistant in the shop!)

    I have a 45-minute presentation by a friend on doing shell inlay that will be ready for weekend viewing; all will be clearer then :) Some holiday videos, too, will include some minimal shell and metal inlay.

  • RONWEN said...

    Well, I hardly ever use the plexi sight cursor on either my pin or paddle set but this sounded like a fun little task (NO, don't say it -- I'm watching e-bay & Craig List for a good deal on getting a life :-)) So my first try was acceptable but it's a lousy, snowy day so why not give it another shot -- absolute perfection! I couldn't get it that close again if I tried a hundred more times!

  • Matthew D said...

    Hi Paul,
    Watched a number of your video and found them very helpful.Just watched the calibration video as I had my DF500 delivered yesterday,so now of to do some calibrating.Keep up the excellent work.

    Wales, United Kingdom