Sunday, October 30, 2011

Review of Domiplate Accessory for Festool Domino

Ron Wenner made an interesting accessory for the Festool Domino called the Domiplate. It acts like a fence attached to the bottom of the Domino giving you two offsets: one for 1/2" nominal sheet goods and another for 3/4" nominal sheet goods.

While you could use the flip-down fence in these situations, the Domiplate is rigid and won't drift plus they are pre-calibrated.

If you are making a lot of boxes of sheet goods (cabinet lowers or uppers) or are a production cabinet shop, you'll find great utility in a Domiplate that eliminates errors that can occur with the flip-down fence with multiple people setting it.

In this video, I'll introduce the plate, show what you need to use it (a couple bolts you need and likely already have) plus some demos.

To contact Ron with more questions or to place an order, write him directly at
Edit: Since the time of this review, Ron opened an online store for it and the new version of the plate is nicely anodized and laser etched.  If you're interested in it, give it a look at the Seneca Woodworking site.


  • Marty said...

    It's a good idea, but unless it's $5 (I'm guessing it's closer to $30 in your hands) I'm thinking that's something I could whip up in short order in the shop.

    His intended market is probably production shops, not the home woodworker. He'll probably have success there.

    Not your intention I'm sure (if you're trying to help him market it), this video has given me the idea to make one of these for use in my joinery. Thanks.

  • Jim A said...

    I tried to order one of these but PayPal makes signing up an endurance test. I failed. After receiving two notices that I had successfully joined PayPal, nothing happened. Contacting Ron, I found he never got an order and I'm just not willing to devote an evening to PayPal to work it out.

    Looks like a slick gadget, but it's a nice-to-have, not a need-to-have so I guess i can live without it. You gotta wonder how many orders Ron loses this way.

    Jim A

  • HalfInchShy said...

    Ah, a bit of catch-up this weekend... yes, Marty, it is useful, but likely mostly for production shops like I mentioned in the video. Ron made one of these for himself and had a few orders. It snowballed and he now has hundreds out there mostly in cabinet shops where a solid "you can't screw it up" reference is a bonus.

    As an aside, I see possibilities with this nice rigid thick aluminum plate on the front of a Domino. Even a non-machinist guy like me can drill and tap a hole for jigs off the front of this thing. I've left it on my bench so I ponder it while working on things.

    Yes, Jim, signing up for PayPal isn't pleasant; I did it years ago so now it is okay, but if you just need one order, it's a nuisance. Email Ron; I'm sure you could go the snail-mail-and-a-cheque route.

  • RONWEN said...

    It certainly doesn't need to be aluminum. Some make them of ply or phenolic which works just fine. Paypal can be a bit of a pain though it seems universally accepted, I have lost count of the number of different countries (greater than 20) that I have sent them using Paypal & USPS Priority Mail. Surprisingly of all those hundreds sent only one has ever been lost in the mail (Burbank, CA). I also accept checks or money orders for anyone that doesn't have a Paypal account.