Friday, October 14, 2011

Sculpted Mahogany Vanity - Applying Drawer Fronts

Applying these drawer fronts took a bit more planning then usual since each was in three non-square parts. There are a few tips in this video for clamping up the drawer front right on the cabinet, but still being able to pop the drawer out.

There's also a bit more sculpting of the sides so everything matches together.  As I write this, I have a couple coats of finish on everything and I'm very happy with the result (unless you ask me about a couple dovetail shoulders, so don't ask me about a couple dovetail shoulders!)

One thing I didn't like in this video was my wording about the common concern of using hide glue in a bathroom.  I said "humidity" was the problem, but meant to say "moisture" (you know, lots of humidity).  If some water runs off the vanity top right on a drawer front that was applied with hide glue, it really isn't going anywhere... it takes a lot of moisture and heat to release it, but it does release far easier than a PVA or, worse, plastic-resin glue.  I've made three other cabinets that ended up in bathrooms made with hide glue (the cabinets, not the bathrooms :) and there have been no issues.

Next episode will likely be the last of the series: wet-sanded finish.  There's still the installation, although I won't really go through that... maybe just a brief tour of it afterward.  Might have it at the end of the next episode.

I'm planning the next projects; simple but unique gifts since, probably like you, I need some!


  • James Maichel said...

    Looking really nice Paul!

  • Anonymous said...

    Your drawers fit really well and your vanity is coming along nicely. Good work.


  • Mark Rhodes said...

    Really do like the look of this Paul, bet you'll be glad when its out the shop though(probably already is?). I have found my enthusiasm waning on longer projects lately, so its nice to watch others making stuff.

  • Anonymous said...

    Hey Paul - are you going to show the final video? I feel like we've been held hostage for the grand finale!


  • HalfInchShy said...

    Ha! Funny, Neil, but not a bad idea!

    The vanity is actually installed right now, but I need a hand flipping the granite on it so I can show it all installed then do a recap on what went well, what went not so well, what I'd change.

    Edited footage will be nearly 30 minutes, which is longer than I like for a 'weekly' podcast, but work and vacation killed a few weeks :) I thought of cutting it short to post in 2 parts so it wouldn't be so long, but there really isn't a good breaking point.

    Thanks for noticing, though! Have some gift builds to do this long weekend; you know, something less than a bazillion episodes :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!