Saturday, June 15, 2013

Seneca Woodworking Domino Accessory Review and Preview

Ron and Ryan of Seneca Woodworking have been making some great accessories for the Domino; they're the ones who made the DomiPlate that production cabinet shops using the Domino really love.

The DomiPlate was for the DF-500, so they've since come out with DomiShims for the DF-700 XL Domizilla as well as a bit adapter that allows the Domizilla to use the smaller DF-500 bits.

...but they are also up to some other things, and that'll be the preview portion of this review.  The preview products will be useful to a lot of users besides changing the way DomiShims are sold.  Good stuff.  Ryan will be keeping us updated on the prototype releases on Seneca's blog, so read that one (after mine! :)

These accessories blur the already blurry line between a "500 project" and a "700 project" as the 700 can now make mostly the same holes the 500 can.  But there are still significant differences you'll need to consider before picking one or the other, the biggest factor being your current projects.  I'll be posting an article early next week reviewing those differences.

For my email subscribers, here's the video link.

Here are some handy links to the other relevant reviews mentioned in this video (uh, the video work wasn't as good back then :)

The original DomiPlate review.  The Domizilla XL DF-700 review.  The Domino DF-500 review.


  • Brian said...

    That box was like a magical domino accessory hat... Where can I get a box like that?

  • RONWEN said...

    A magical box like Paul's (or even larger) is available from "SENECAWOODWORKING.COM" ;)

  • HalfInchShy said...

    Nice play, Ron... now will you guys quit talking about my magic box?! Thx... :)

  • Unknown said...

    Such a tease... I anxiously await seeing how the 500 bits work on the 700!

  • Christopher Robinson said...

    Paul this was a great review as expected with tons of info to help my purchase of more Seneca woodworking products. Ronwen, thank you for making these fantastic aftermarket products, it's one of those great areas where we see the USA helping the worlwide Festool ecosystem. It would be interesting to see 3rd party items out of Germany(havent seen anything yet come out always wondered why...maybe there are laws against it?), until then go USA!

  • HalfInchShy said...

    Sorry, Nathan, I used the extender with 500 bits in the 700 and it worked well, but didn't think to make an already kinda long video longer with a hole demo. I'll be in the shop Sunday; maybe I can make a bunch of holes in a short clip and post it.

    Thanks, Christopher! I need to work more tool noise into reviews, though, which actually would have been great for Nathan!

    Just got a new camera for good close-ups; so last weekend, I spent 20 minutes setting up the bandsaw for an Angle Madness episode... then forgot to turn on said camera :) d'oh!

    Anyway, these accessories are really great; highly recommend them IF you need to expand into those bit diameters with your Domizilla.

    I know of a few other prototypes Ryan (Ron's son) is playing with and they'll only improve the ecosystem more. Ryan said he'd get them done faster if Ron would clean up the garage shop. Hey, just passing it along! :)

  • wheatgeneration said...

    Nice to see them doing more products.

  • Anonymous said...

    Hi Paul

    So can you please tell us what your thoughts on the adapter are ? Does it work as well as the 500 or is it much better to just buy one or the other first.

    I'm deciding what to do and would really appreciate your views

    Thank a lot , Ben

  • HalfInchShy said...

    Hi, Ben,

    The adapter works well; note that I haven't yet used it on a whole project, just sample joints. I do plan on using it on my next project if I can ever get out from under this video backlog!

    The only bit I find would be awkward to use is the 4mm bit; yes it works and you can mortise with it, but the issue is that typically the projects you use them on are smaller in size. The larger 700 can be awkward for those smaller projects.