Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Great Norm Clip

The Norm made a surprise appearance at the Festool Connect 2013 event and gave a nice long talk about how he got into carpentry, where that moved to, where the show started and all the people surrounding his shows.  I caught it live from the event stream, but they have posted his talk to YouTube.  Clip is below... well worth the listen!


  • Graham Haydon said...

    What a great insight. When you are aware the journey he has been on, see the calm dignity he exudes and his hunger for work your respect for the guy only increases. Thanks for posting the video. Really like the fact he's from a construction background too.

  • Paul-Marcel St-Onge said...

    I really enjoyed the live stream of this, Graham, so I hoped it wasn't all a rehash of what others already know. I got into woodworking after Norm was off-air out here besides I don't really watch much tv at all. When I first got on forums and people kept mentioning him, I had no idea who he was. For that reason, this speaking engagement was so interesting to me.

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