Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Festool Domino XL DF700 Review (Domizilla!)

Last month, I received a Festool Domino XL DF700 joiner as part of the early Test Drive program.  This Domino will be available June 1, 2012.  It's huge!  Hence my 'Domizilla' moniker...

This video reviews the tool and tenon kits going through each part.  If you are already a Domino DF500 user, much of this is the same between the models.  That said, though, there are a few notable differences (beyond size) between the XL and DF500; I'll bring those up in the review as I go.  This is not a point-by-point comparison between the two.

Also should note that the XL does not replace the DF500: both models will be available moving forward as they are both made for different sized projects (with an overlap the video will show).

I won't be mortising in this video.  Ah, but no sad look... there are two other videos being edited now that will show:
  • the Domizilla in use making some mortises; this is mostly an action film :)
  • a Domino Joint Encyclopedia that shows how a number of common joints are made, how to make them wrong, and some strength tests for different glue-up methods; this is applicable and demonstrates both Domino models.
These videos will be released over the next 10 days so subscribe or "watch this space" for more.

You will want to verify and calibrate the cursor on your fence.  Here, I have a video showing the trivial procedure to do so.  It was shot awhile ago using the DF-500, but the procedure is identical with the Domizilla.  It is highly recommended for both models... do this the day you receive either (both?)

The video also references a previous video about making oversized mortises.  While that video was recorded using the DF500, the techniques are the same though the resulting mortise sizes are different.

For disclosure, the Test Drive program requires testers to return the full kit on June 1, 2012 or allows the testers to purchase it at a small discount.


  • Rick C. said...

    Ooooh! You're smart!

    Rumor has it that the idiot writing the supplemental manual was in too much of a hurry to notice that the "Board Thickness Gauge" on the DF500 is no longer a board thickness gauge on the DF700. It's a good thing he watched...ummm, I mean allegedly watched...your video this afternoon. Not that I would know, since it is just a rumor

    Thankfully all is not lost for him, because he at least noticed that you can now change the mortise width setting even when the tool is not running (unlike the DF500).


    Nice video Paul-Marcel!

  • Adam Weigand said...

    Those dominoes look big enough to be use as bench dogs! Think of all the work holding options.

  • Jeff said...

    Paul, you do realize that the XL DF700 will now be referred to as the "Domizilla" from here on out, right?

    The Paul-Marcel Effect... ;-)

  • Anonymous said...

    Great video, Paul-Marcel! Thanks for the detailed overview.


  • HalfInchShy said...

    Thanks, Ick! :) Good to know there's a rumored manual coming out!

    You have a good point, Adam... certainly I've dropped a mortise with the DF-500 on jig material to make a stop, but these would be huge enough to be the real deal. There are 80mm Dominos and you can mortise down 70mm leaving a 10mm (shy of 1/2") stop. Worth trying! Bummer my benchtop is just 3/4" MDF...

    Well, Jeff, I coined the term out of not wanting to say the mouthful, but secretly it'll be fun to see it get labeled!

    ...and, thanks, Neil!

  • Anonymous said...

    your best video yet. I prefer how you added the close up shots while talking about the unit. A continued wealth of fact...I want interested in this tool until now. thank you

  • Anonymous said...

    Very detailed. Best product review-of any kind- I have seen online! Excellent work.