Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hanger for Miter Gauge

Funny how you plug in the camera and find a picture you intended for a previous blog entry.
The video tour of my SawStop didn't show the hanger for the miter gauge.  It's nothing special, but makes storing it a whole lot easier.  The gauge used to reside on top of the planer, the router wing, oh, the assembly table, no wait, the shop stool...
The SawStop left table wing has many holes on the side.  Just grab a piece of scrap ply and some rail/stile offcuts and you have a hanger.  I had some cork flooring offcuts to glue on so... I did.


  • Anonymous said...

    Hi Paul - how did you attach the miter gauge to the board that is bolted to your Sawstop? I have a similar setup and wanted to know the best way of hanging the miter gauge so it doesn't fall off easily. Thanks!

  • Paul-Marcel St-Onge said...

    All that's attached to the SawStop is a piece of ply. At the bottom of the ply are two pieces of scrap Poplar that I glued on then screwed on to form the shelf it all sits on (look for the red shelf edge under the gauge). The break between the two pieces are scrap are for the gauge bar that goes in the miter slot... it just hangs down through the break.

    I have some scrap cork flooring from long ago I put on the shelf so when I put the gauge in there, nothing gets banged up or make a bang for that matter.

    I really like it there; out of the way but always available without hunting around. Just be sure you make the plywood back large enough so the miter gauge sits completely under the saw deck. Fortunately I didn't make that mistake, but I could see it being an easy one!

  • Anonymous said...

    Awesome, thanks for the explanation! Really enjoy your blog and videos by the way, thanks for producing them. Take care - Mike

  • spokeshave27 said...

    I did the same but real PITA to open the motor cover

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