Friday, February 4, 2011

Festool MFK-700 Demo

Over at the FOG, they are running a contest on doing tool reviews.  Specifically tools of the Green n Blue variety.  I've made a few reviews and posted them over there, but will be posting them here as well throughout the week.
This review is of the MFK-700 trim router.  I pick this one as the first to post because it seems to have the most love/hate opinions.  I cover parts of the tool, the common accessories, then describe some modifications and work-arounds for the common complaints.  Yes, Festools aren't perfect, just closer than other manufacturers in my not terribly humble opinion.  :)

Here's also a link to a quick video I did for someone else on a forum who had questions about the dust collection of this router.  In a nutshell, the dust collection impresses me every time I route with it.  This video link was posted previously on this blog, but thought to put it here so you don't have to go dig for it ;)


  • GK said...

    PM, I'm not sure you'll remember, but I was involved in your acquisition of that particular MFK700. I'm happy to report that I've rekindled my interest in it after watching your review and I was able to pick one up (used only once like so many are) today and I plan on using it to do some dovetail drawers between now and Christmas. I've subscribed to your youtube channel and I've enjoyed watching quite a few vids already on this site. I post on the FOG as Garry. See you around.

  • HalfInchShy said...

    Oh yeah! Too funny that I buy it from you, make a video, now you like it and get one :) Very nice. Which dovetail jig are you planning on using this with? Usually people complain about the MFK's visibility, but when I've used a D4R jig with the OF-1400, I never see where I'm going... it's all feel with the bushing. I've wanted to try it with the MFK-700 someday so do report back on that.