Monday, February 21, 2011

DC Hose Lift for the Drum Sander

While drum sanding a project yesterday, my pet peeve about drum sanders reared its head: that the dust port is on top of the door.  There's no good place to put the hose.  You put it over the carriage housing and it'll fall off changing the height knob or fall the other way and pop open the door to the drum, which sends dust in hundreds of directions (all towards your face).

I recently added a number of circuits to my garage shop specifically because I rarely used my drum sander... it needed to be plugged in the family room via extension to use the DC unit with it.  Now I needed to address the lack of decent DC connection.

The solution is woefully easy: a stick with a 1/4" groove in the edge to grab onto the carriage housing and the bottom end cut like a half-lap so I could fit a bolt into the drum sander's base.  On top, a spring-clamp-like holder for the hose.

Note that the top of my Performax 16-32, I put a Dust Right compatible connector.  The new hose I added also has a Dust Right handle since it will be handy for the floor cleaning attachment as well.

As you can see, I have a Ridgid 12" lunchbox planer installed into the Performax stand (if you want to do this, realize that you have to take the stand apart and build it around the planer... not fun, but a space-saver!).  I ran a hose up to the stick and mounted it with a similar spring clamp.  Now I can just move the hose connector over when I used the planer.  While this isn't ideal having to lift chips so far, I've found in the past it wasn't an issue.  If it is after this modification, I can simply disconnect the planer hose and lay it on the floor with the DC connected and use the spring clip as a convenient stow.

Now, my drum sander is very convenient to use; it'll touch every project here on out.


  • Dyami Plotke said...

    Nice solution, Paul-Marcel.

    I may have to copy your planer/drum sander set up (once I break down and set up my drum sander). Do you find that having the planer that low is a problem?

  • Unknown said...

    I came to the very same arrangement of drum sander and planer. The Dewalt 735 fit in the stand without modification. And just yesterday I was grumbling about the same DC issues... good fix. To the shop!

  • HalfInchShy said...

    Hi Dyami, I don't find using the planer down there to be a problem. I only use it for smaller parts like drawer sides. If I was running 8' long boards through it, I'd bet it would be more of a hassle. In the case of small parts, I put a torsion box inside the planer to eliminate snipe (I blogged about it; lookup the 'Power Planing' label).

    Thanks, Denovich! A lot of people have the 735 so good to know it fits without a problem. This one fits fine, too, but is such a tight fit that you have to build the stand around it.l

  • Dyami Plotke said...

    Thanks, Paul-Marcel. Now my to-do list includes a torsion box planer bed. Doh!

  • Gil Fuqua said...

    What's the source for the large clip brackets to hold the dust collector hose?

  • HalfInchShy said...

    Hi, Gil... You can get that in a two-pack from Peach Tree: