Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Festool C-12 Drill/Driver and Chucks Review

Continuing on with the video reviews for the FOG, here's one on the C-12 drill/driver. Most of the video, though, is about the chucks. Those chucks work in all the Festool drills so even if the C-12 doesn't interest you, the discussion of the chucks will.

I also have a demo of the various chucks in use that I'll be posting tomorrow including a longer segment on the DD-DS depth stop chuck that stops automatically when the screw is at the exact depth you want.

Here's a link to the thread on the FOG about it in case you are interested in any feedback.


  • Kris Bergstrom said...

    Paul, your videos are absolutely wonderful. As a beginner in the Festool world, your videos here have been the most helpful to understand the possibilities and limitations of the MFT3 table and various Festool hand-tools. Thank you so much!