Sunday, February 12, 2012

And now for something completely different... - part 2

Following up on part one, Jarek and Lidka just posted the second and last part of Jarek's interview with me.  I talked longer on this one; I know, I gotta work on that!  Gave Lidka a bit more work for the Polish captions.

Once again, if you haven't watched something with captions on YouTube yet, there's a 'CC' box in the lower-right area of the video's status bar. Click that and you can select English or Polish captions; if you want to get them in Japanese, you can do that, too, as the English will be translated to Japanese as you watch (uhm, word-order makes the English->Japanese a bit funky).

I have to pick up some PhotoShop tips from Jarek; that was a cool collage!


  • Jeff said...


    I guess international connections do have their perks ;) Perhaps some sort of exchange program - Powermatic machinery for miły polską dziewczyną...?

    Seriously, I really liked these two episodes. It would be nice if you could interview Jarek.

  • jack fielding said...

    Paul, really enjoy your reviews. have you ever done a Fein Multi tool review?

  • HalfInchShy said...

    Pretty sure a miły polską dziewczyną would require exchanging a warehouse of Powermatic and all I've got to offer is a PM20 :`(

    I liked the interview as well and do plan on bugging Jarek later to do a reciprocal interview. It was a lot of behind-the-scenes work to transfer HD video and generate captions for each other (I believe hell is a place where you generate captions all day... without beer...) So well take a break as I get a project into motion and Jarek's side projects settle then we'll get an interview together.

    Meanwhile, I'll check into shipping costs for that PM20...

  • HalfInchShy said...

    Hi, Jack... I don't have a Fein Multi tool to review. I do have a Craftsman cordless clone and it has come very handy sometimes; I'm certain a corded more powerful version like the original Fein would be a stellar tool. If I ever got into heavy remodeling again or finish carpentry, I think it would be one of my first purchases.

    But, that said, I have not yet used one. Although I did get a Fein tee shirt recently at a show which is why I like to call my "avoiding snipe" video "The Great Pumpkin" episode between the bright orange shirt and orange Ridgid planer!