Saturday, February 11, 2012

And now for something completely different... - part 1

Awhile ago, I got a bunch of referrals from a site in Poland called (you can read it in English thanks to the magic of Google Translate!).  Turns out it is a carpentry/woodworking site by Jarek Ostaszewski.  Jarek watches my podcast and later contacted me about doing a video interview for his site.  I was surprised and flattered so we worked through the logistics of recording video snippets in two different countries, creating captions separately for English and Polish, and the whole time-zone thing.

He has since posted part 1 of the interview here.  If you haven't watched something with captions on YouTube yet, there's a 'CC' box in the lower-right area of the video's status bar.  Click that and you can select English or Polish captions; if you want to get them in French, you can do that, too, as the English will be translated (very well, btw) to French as you watch.

The interview was split in two and Lidka will have that part ready in a day or two.  Lidka is Jarek's lovely wife who does the videos on wood species.