Monday, May 23, 2011

Brownian Motion

It was a weekend of Brownian motion in the shop; many random things during the week culminated into this disaster:

And from the other angle:
I hope to catalog the pile early this week to post on Craig's list.

So naturally my neighbor who's framing a patio needed some special cuts in the middle of all this.  Hurrah for the pallet jack!

If you are far from Phoenix, there's nothing left to see in this posting.  :)   Otherwise, shoot me an email if you'd be interested in any of the following... I haven't figured out prices yet... I don't plan on retiring off it but I want my shop back! :)

I tend to baby all my stuff (shop stuff and otherwise).  Stuff will looked used (cuz it was!) but my definition of 'good condition' is decidedly different than some of what I've seen on CL :-/

  • Rikon 14" Deluxe Bandsaw; 1.5hp motor and 12" resaw capacity (and I've used all 12" often!)
  • 3/4" Resaw King blade (111" for Rikon, but size could be changed).  This is a brand new one to replace the one that snapped; that chunk of firewood from the jewelry box series is all I cut with it!
  • Performax (pre-Jet) 16-32 drum sander with upgraded (Jet) controller and dust hood
  • Powermatic 20" planer with mobile base (actually moves well on it; I move it whenever I use it).  For what it's worth, this was Marc Spagnuolo's (TheWoodWhisperer) planer before he previous move.  He didn't autograph it for me, though...
  • Rockler HVLP; I used this a lot before getting the conversion gun and later the Fuji HVLP.
  • Ten 48" aluminum bar clamps from Lee Valley
  • Four vice-action quick-release clamps from Lee Valley (18" & 24")
  • 5-gallon cyclone for a shop vac; I used this on a lunchbox planer for a long time
  • Ridgid lunchbox planer
  • Ryobi benchtop drill press
  • There's a half-moon granite vanity in there with a 'Chinabowl' (top-mounted sink, not undermount).  I made a replacement top for the vanity it was on and thought I'd do something with it someday... so I am! I'm selling it!  Sink currently attached to granite (silicone); I never bothered to separate them, but you could if you just want the bowl.
There'll likely be more... I haven't dug through the 'annex' yet though there aren't a lot of shop tools there...
Near Phoenix? Interested? Write me! 


  • James said...

    What! Your getting rid of both planers. If I was closer I would consider either one. The bandsaw looks awesome by the way.


  • HalfInchShy said...

    Yes, James, selling both planers. I've decided that flat stock is overrated and want to start a movement for using warped and bowed stock. As an early adopter, you, too, could benefit from cheap prices on "Pringles" boards and back-scratchers.

    Something to consider :)

    (seriously, just wait)

  • James said...

    I can't wait (Seriously) flat stock does not agree with me. I will be waiting with bated breath.

  • antoine said...

    is the 20 inch planer available? what are asking for it? is it one phase or thre phase
    thank you

  • HalfInchShy said...

    Yes, the 20" planer is available. I am going to take pictures of everything in about an hour. It's 220V 1Ph, 3 HP. I modified the power box to add a run-time hours counter so you can service it at the right times (hard to estimate "35 hours" use otherwise).

    Coincidentally, I found that someone else posted one in Phoenix for $1750 just 12 days ago. I want $1,200 for it including the mobile base. Write me at the email address at the end of the blog posting if you want to chat about it more. Photos should be available later today although I have a graduation party to attend, too :)