Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Festool CXS Preview

Okay, I'll admit I was sandbagging these videos until the May SysNotes release, but green gremlins tell me it will slip! d'oh!

Festool USA provided me with a CXS before the official release on June 1, 2011 to review.  Thanks, guys!

The CXS drill/driver is smaller than the more familiar C12 drill/driver, but it packs a lot of power for likely 95% of everything you'll do in the shop or job site.  It is true the C12 has more power, but unless you drive a lot of lag bolts, the CXS will take care of you.

I had the CXS for a couple weeks before recording this review.  The review is in three parts:

Part 1 is a video describing the features of the CXS comparing many to the C12 equivalent since many of us are familiar with the C12.

Part 2 is a series of demos putting the CXS to the wood, 6/4 hard Maple in this case, side by side against the C12.  You'll notice a difference between these drill/drivers, but I think you'll agree that it is likely a difference you could live without in the shop instead opting for the lighter CXS.

Part 3 was rolled a couple weeks after recording the first two videos.  Since that time, I had a busy weekend using it for everything from light screws to lag bolts.  It's more a summary of my opinion on the CXS along with a small segment on the eccentric chuck that is a favorite with the C12, but missing on the CXS.

If you haven't seen it yet, you might also like to see my demo of the Festool Centrotec chucks.  In my mind, these chucks are at least half the reason to own a Festool drill/driver.  That video covers the non-CXS Centrotec 90º and eccentric chucks besides the universal Centrotec chuck.  The CXS has its own version of the 90º chuck though the preview video will explain the differences.


  • Anonymous said...

    Nice set of videos. I think the CSX would work well in many shops paired with a larger corded drill with a 1/2" chuck.


  • Brian said...

    Once again great review. I love that you called the CSX "nimble."

  • ronvan said...

    good review...I just bought the csx drill so i like to hear the goods and the bads about it. I just got it yesterday so havent had time to work it at all. I hope it is as good as what im hearing! I really like your videos and appreciate that you take time to resopnd. Kind Regards,Ron.

  • ronvan said...

    Sorry i forgot to mention that i didnt really understand your explanation on it being basically an eccentric chuck built in?

  • HalfInchShy said...

    Thanks, Ron,

    At the time of the review, I had used the CXS quite a bit as it is just too handy. Since the review, I'd say I love it more. It rarely backs down from a task I throw at it.

    The comment about the eccentric chuck is because on the other drills (C-12, C-15) the eccentric chuck gets you to within 1/2" of a nearby wall to drill a hole or drive a screw. With the taper on the CXS's "nose" you can do that without a special chuck.

    The only 'bad' I'd say is that the CXS doesn't come with a 1/2" Jacob chuck, but generally bits that large are better served by a larger drill. That said, though, if you have the 1/2" Jacob chuck from, say, a C-12 or C-15, you can pop it on the CXS.

    You'll love it!