Sunday, March 13, 2011

Review and Demo of Festool RO-90 DX Tri-Mode Sander

I've been using the RO-90 sander for a couple weeks now; few of the projects were normal woodworking projects, but it excels at so much given its small maneuverable size and power (well, to me, sanding the skin of a '39 Ford is an odd job...)

This weekend, I created a video review of the tool along with two demo videos.

The review video talks about the sander and compares it to its larger Rotex cousins and to the DTS-400 delta-headed sander.  There's also a tour of some interesting accessories.  I know, I know, "but it's a sander!" and it's true that few things can be more abrasive to talk about than a sander (sorry, had to...), but this sander's size and three modes actually make it interesting.

The first demo shows it in use to strip old varnish off a Teak door I'm refinishing.  That demonstrates the disc and ROS modes.  I then use the flat panel as a substrate to run the RO-90 and DTS-400 side-by-side so you can see their efficiencies at this task.  The DTS-400 is one of my favorites, by the way.

The second demo shows it in use to strip old varnish and flatten an Oak cabinet I have neglected for too many years.  In this demo, I show a few usage techniques you might like.

Here's the playlist... click through to the main YouTube page to see it in full-screen HD.


  • Anonymous said...

    The edge guard margins are not just for caulking. When sanding a surface that is adjacent to another on an angle the zero clearance guard will not stop it appropriately. You need to switch to a larger guard to act as a zero clearance.