Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Other Tool Nerds :)

Okay, so I've gotten the tool reviews out of my system for awhile :)

But if you long to read or view some more, there are other tool nerds out there (no, really, it's true!)

Brice Burrell of Burrell Custom Carpentry also reviews a number of tools, Festool and non-Festool alike, along with how-to's.  I'm definitely more shop-bound; commissions I get are done in my shop or, if I have to, I rather clumsily get my tools to their place.  Brice is primarily an on-site carpenter so his reviews will have that angle.  There are definitely some different considerations.

Then there's Cliff of TheWoodNerd.com.  Uhm, it doesn't get anymore obvious than that!

I have a couple more reviews I'm sure you'll be interested in, but not until I finish up a couple or three projects first.  Oye!  I'm behind! :)

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