Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Festool OF-2200 Review and Demo (OF-1400, too!)

I did a video review last night of the Festool OF-2200 router, comparing it along side the OF-1400 router we're more familiar with.  The last clip is a demo showing both routers in action.  Kinda wish I had a bigger bit to use for the demo, but these are certainly more common uses of either router.  Naturally the demo will demonstrate the dust collection as well.


  • Tom Buhl said...

    Paul-Marcel, I saw your 2200 review link on the WTO comment regarding the OF-1010. Enjoyed the series. I've had the 2200 for 8 months and could never quite follow the instructions for the fine adjustment. So I much appreciated that part of the demo.
    Another benefit of the offset (angled) handles is that when near the end of a workpiece one of the handles is further inboard of the workpiece, thus giving you a little more leverage to balance on your work. I find that a nice feature as well as the general orientation of the handles feels very natural.
    Thanks for the great video series.