Friday, January 21, 2011

Guide Rail Storage

I recently got the Festool 3000mm guiderail during the "TS Promotion" as the TS-75 really requires that long rail to rip 8x4 sheet goods without connectors.  Now, I used two 1400s with connectors for a couple years and while it works, it actually still wasn't long enough for the TS-75 due to its larger base.  To note, if you have a TS-55, you can use the 2700 rail, but the TS-75 really needs the extra "mm"s.

So... where to store it?!  Not like an 8" wide by nearly 10' long piece of aluminum tucks away on a shelf plus dings and bends completely defeat the purpose.  My solution comes from a suggestion I read somewhere on the FOG: hang it on your garage door.

In my case, I have a 3000 and 1900 on the door with clips made of scrap.  This photo is of the one clip with just the 3000 in it.  You can see some scrap cork tile contact-cemented to the door's stile.  The vertical clips are beveled at top to make insertion easier as the fit is intentionally snug.  In both cases, the clip presses the rail into cork.

Due to the staggered heights of the clips, grabbing either rail is easy.

I chose to put the rails on the bottom segments of my door because I could easily get at them with the door closed and when the door is opened (90% of the time, I have the door open!), they are still easily accessed.  Other benefit is that the bottom-most segment angles upward even when the door is open so the rails never have a chance to slide out. With a winter like that, good thing I took the picture quickly and closed up...

Now, you'll think, "oh, 3000 rails, never exceed that!".  Well, you'd think.  First weekend with the new rails, I had to join the 3000 and 1900 to edge-joint a 12' piece of 8/4 Walnut destined to be handrailing for stairs.  Also ripped them that way since pushing that over the table saw is awkward and would require moving shop furniture to make room for the length!


  • Anonymous said...

    Timely post! Last weekend, I was talking to someone who was trying to decide which track saw to buy and we got to discussing rail length. We were trying to figure out how one would handle the big 5000mm/197"/16'-5" rail. I THINK most two car-garage doors are wide enough..

  • HalfInchShy said...

    Hmm, well, you might want to measure your garage door. For mine, it would be a very tight fit or not fit at all (I'm at work so going off memory). The door segments seem to be 8' each so 16' total.

    Yes, I drooled over the idea of the 5000 rail, but saw no real practical application for me... then the first weekend, I effectively connected two rails to make a 5000 :)

  • Kevin said...

    Are you still storing your rails on the garage door 6+ years later and have there been any problems with the rails specifically the 3000?