Monday, January 3, 2011

D'uh!-Moment to Improve Dust Collection

Last night, I was edge jointing and ripping 8/4 Walnut to make several handrails; these are rough dimensioning cuts.
I know the TS-75 saw has better dust collection with the D-36 hose vs the usual D-27 "tool" hose due to better air flow, but I had a d'uh moment after the first pass.  That pass left a lot of dust behind and the saw seemed starved for power.
Normally I plug the TS-75 into the CT-22 dust extractor for the automatic turn-on function when starting a tool.  Works great.  Except in this situation, that saw was working much harder than usual with a 12' run of 8/4 Walnut.  With the saw plugged into the extractor, the extractor limits total amperes to 15A.  With the extractor on high and the saw working hard, I was needing 21-22A, but it was still limiting.
Easy solution was to plug the saw into its own source and manually turn on the extractor.  Night and day difference on these passes.  There was literally nothing to clean after ripping the 10" wide by 12' long Walnut into 3 rails.
So, moral is, if your saw (or router) is going to be working much harder than usual, give it its own source!


  • Unknown said...

    Holy cow, Paul Marcel. I've had that issue for a couple years and never dawned on me to plug my Dewalt track saw into it's own source. Can't wait to try that next time I use both the track saw and extractor together. Thanks.
    Steve Veale
    Hiram, GA

  • James said...

    Wow, this is embarrassing! I have been doing this all wrong the entire time, didn't I? I'll try this over the weekend, thanks for sharing your tip!