Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Angle Madness! - Box Glue-up and Panel Cutting

Bet you thought this project found its way into a dumpster :) No!

The idea for the Tim Burton table popped into my head and I put this project aside since I was at a point where I needed to decide on a few things before being able to proceed.  I'm not good at having a big design laid out at the start although this project has had to force that a few times, including now!

In this episode,we'll glue-up the drawer tier boxes and show how you can easily clamp ridiculous compound angles... a method that's equally useful for regular mitered corners.

I cut the panel to the lines with the tracksaw and have a few tips on how to make lining it up easier.

Lastly, there's prepping the panel for installation into the box, which delves into the design of the drawer a bit and why a chamfer into a rabbet is a good idea.

Not an action-packed tool-cam video, but hopefully some take away.  Next episode of this project build will make the drawer webbing on the inside.  ...and I haven't forgotten about the 3 remaining episodes for the Tim Burton table (No Comment #2).