Sunday, January 6, 2013

WIA'12-Pasadena: Pilgrimage to Eagle Tools

This is a bit late... while looking for free space on my video drive, I found some footage I took of Eagle Tools I hadn't edited! D'oh!

To a power-tool woodworker, this video could be considered "NSFW"; you've been warned!

My friend Roger introduced me to Eagle Tools about a year ago on a trip out to LA.  You saw a bit of them when I toured the WIA'12-Pasadena marketplace floor.

This clip is basically Chris and I wandering the store with a few stories from Jesse re-told; Jesse is the owner of Eagle Tools.  He's a great guy with a lot of knowledge of his product line.  Though Chris and I were just there to browse, we got a lot of show-n-tell on the Agazzani bandsaws, Incas, a variety of bandsaw blade guides, and the Festool room.

I know Inca has a big fan-base and rightly so based on what I saw and learned.  Eagle's the place for Inca.  If I didn't have a scroll saw, I swear I'd have taken one of the smaller Inca bandsaws home to use as a scroll saw!

There's some camera motion I tried to compensate for in editing; I was either too close to things or just too excited to hold the camera properly :)

Here's the video link for my email subscribers.


  • neilc said...

    I've been there and it's a really tempting place! Jesse is great to deal with. Have resisted one of the Agazzani's but they are impressive.

    I have an Inca 259 table saw, an Inca 550 joiner / planer and an inca 10" bandsaw. Had them since the mid 80's. Owned one of their radial saws but sold it to buy a sliding Hitachi before selling it for a Kapex.

    Festool and Inca are of very similar quality and system thinking.

  • Vic Hubbard said...

    Drool!!! Thanks for finding that footage!

  • Interesting Introvert said...

    Thanks for this post on eagle tools. I'm now interested in learning more!

  • terry said...

    Sure wish you had gone back to show us the Inca trove... Jesse is legendary in the Inca community and a heck of a nice guy to talk to on the phone. Do you have any video of the other Inca stuff ? Can you give us more info on what Sawstop did that Inca had done way back when ?

  • HalfInchShy said...

    Hi, Terry... yeah, I really like Jesse and he's always a super friendly guy when I visit even though he knows I'm from Arizona and likely not going to be making a big-tool purchase from him.

    I posted all the video I had. There are areas he asked that I not record and that's in the back area where the big pile of Inca is located. Next trip out, maybe I'll ask him where I can record to post it. For one, I plan on renting a trailer to take back one of those Inca bandsaws. Big throat, small format, would be stellar with a narrow blade.

    He listed all the SawStop design that came from Inca; whatever I repeated in the video is about all I'd remember at this point. He had nothing but good to say about SawStop exactly because of cherry-picking the best ideas from various products.

    Wish it wasn't 5.5 hours away. My wallet, however, is happier. :)

  • terry said...

    Thanks again Paul. My mind is spinning trying to figure out why the Inca room would be secret... sounds like the beginning of a secret society ?

    As it happens - I just picked up one of those 20" bandsaws.... you know this, but I was stunned by how big it is in person. As a matter of fact, it's been sitting in my wife's trunk for the last week until I can figure out where to put it. Fortunately to the street people in my neighbourhood, it looks like scrap once you pull off the plastic cover.

    Thanks again. You should post your dill pickle ice cream recipe. Sounds like the ticket for pregnant women with cravings.


  • HalfInchShy said...

    Ha ha, the dill-pickle ice cream was because it was for an ice-cream social at work and my team had 3 women in it, all 3 pregnant, all due at very nearly the same time. Everybody thought we had "socially engaging" status meetings because of it...

  • James Scott Morrin said...

    Hey Paul; What a coincidence - I finally mastered my KM-1, thanks to your video (I'm ashamed to admit I ruined a lot of test pieces using calibrating the thickness, not the was an aha moment). The kerf setting trick you show is extremely clever. I was really excited to get a magswitch for my tablesaw until I realized that, since mine is an Inca (hence the location of this post) the table is aluminum and the magnet will not work. Thank goodness you made the "...I previously used clamps..." comment. As an aside - Jesse at Eagle is great - they sent me a $120 Forrest blade for my saw despite having a problem with my credit card...shipped it first and asked questions later. How many times does that happen?

    Congratulations Team Canada, eh?



  • HalfInchShy said...

    Glad the KM-1 video helped; seems to be a popular one to add a visual to the instructions.

    Those Inca bandsaws Jesse has intrigue me. I never take the Resaw King blade off my bandsaw so when I need to do curves, I do a lot of awkward relief-cut-curve-cut passes since overall it is faster than swapping the blade out. A nice Inca for the smaller blade would be nice (if overkill :)

    Eagle is a pilgrimage for sure whenever I go to California. I'm actually past due for that. hmm...

    And yes go Team Canada! :)