Monday, January 21, 2013

No Comment #2 - Clue #2

This week had many unexpected fires... none of them mine, but people I know like to share their fires :)  What's the quote?  "Your lack of planning doesn't constitute an emergency on my part"?  Something like that!

Anyway, someone made an interesting guess as to what No Comment #2 is based on the first clue: something to do with the TV sci-fi "Stargate".  Guess it looks like the chevrons from the show.  Hey, I'd probably like that show; I may see if it is available on download.

It reminded me that I took a clue photo earlier this week (pre-fires...), but I needed to wait to post it in case it wouldn't get used in the project.  No need for red herrings!

It's getting used and it looks fantastic.  If you guess the material (not too difficult), the obvious use isn't how it is getting used.  The piece was actually a lucky find and changed the design of the project.  The commentary videos after the initial build video will describe the other options; the build video will only include this piece.  I learned a lot working with it, too.

At this point, everything is ready for stain and finish before final assembly.  Spraying some of the components outside wouldn't have been possible the past two weeks as our highs were just 47ºF.  Hard to believe that today the high was 74ºF... I guess the past two weeks were our winter.  -groan- need more winter... (send some! please!)

Clue #2:

I'm eager to release this video!  I hit a major road block on it: I ran out of royalty-free music!  Yes, the same instrumentals you've heard in other episodes except with the video at 40 minutes currently, that's a lot of music to find.  Found a nice source tonight; not cheap, but not too expensive either.  Will post details with No Comment #2 if it works out that I use it.


  • pmelchman said...

    Geode rock stand/holder

    Dragonfly Woodworking (FB)

  • Brian said...

    you can have some of ours... the high was 27F and low around 7 tonight :)

  • introverted said...

    I think that is a good guess pmelchman , but i'm not quite sure. Yea, no complaining about 70 degree weather, geeze!

  • HalfInchShy said...

    I love geodes; gorgeous rocks. Sadly, no...

    Only reason I complain about 70º is because we only had 2 weeks of winter so far... if the rest of the year was 70ºs, I'd be okay, but there's this new record number of days over 100ºF that we set every year that gets really really old! as does the droning on of the A/C! I won't mention the day my A/C went out...

    Eager to slap finish on this starting tomorrow!

  • Monte said...

    I am sorry to say, that it looks like you mess up some two part Epoxy and trash got in it. it sure looks like a mess.

  • HalfInchShy said...

    haha, I like that thought, Monte! In all honesty, it was a bit of work to find the part of 'that' to use, but it looks really good. I'm taking a post-hockey break now then will go back to finish some staining. A couple parties this weekend put me behind.

    Now, I'd get further if I'd quit doing dumb things like thinking how to do a certain step and choosing the right way for certain reasons, then, after monkeying with the cameras for way too long, deciding on a different way exclusively for the camera... only to later remember why that way was wrong the first time I thought of it. d'oh! That's what I'm doing after this... a bit of sanding and perhaps expanding my vocabulary in the process!

  • Monte said...

    OK Super Bowl is over as well as hockey season and my first guess was some what wrong. I am going by your comments. I am now ready for the answer. I see that picture and say when are you going to answer. I sure hope it will be this week.
    I enjoy see the videos from across the pond, that are not in English. I don't know how to Translate it. Can you give me some simple instruction so I can enjoy them more.
    Thank You & Have a great Day.

  • HalfInchShy said...

    Hi, Monte!

    The project is finished in my shop; I'm finishing editing and getting clearance for the music. We had a long-weekend so my requests for the music are delayed.

    Sorry for the delay in replying; I tried to leave the computer alone for the weekend, but I was thinking of a way to help with the English. Creating caption files for translation is really really tedious and long, but I think I have a way to do it that will require minimal editing on my part. I'm going to try it after No Comment #2 is posted as I'll need some video with commentary.

    I'll keep you posted on that; if it works, I may reprocess a lot of older videos!