Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Some interesting snail-mail...

The other day, a snail-mail came from Hawaii.  This was an unexpected treat from a reader who asked for my address.  I thought, "oh, maybe a carved keychain or something".  Not really...

Coffee, dry-roasted Macadamia nuts, BBQ sauce, really nice mustard, and some chocolate/Macadamia treats.  Yum.

The woods... the rightmost board is bird's-eye Eucalyptus and has some stunning figure.  Definitely going to resaw it to get as much out of it as possible!  It comes from a tree that the Maui Electric Company cut down to make room for a powerline.

The brown slab to the left is Mylo.

The piece of wood next to the coffee has rounded edges.  The story goes that it is a piece of a handrail from a night club in Lahaina owned by Jimmy Buffet.  So a small piece of rock-n-roll history.

It was a snail-mail day as there was a second package. Awhile ago, I placed an order with my Festool dealer for the new Centrotec 3/8" socket adapter and some sanding interface pads for a handrail I've successfully ignored for months now :)  The adapter was a preorder and the pads were normal stock, but I wrote in the comments to just ship it all together (it would help me further ignore the handrail project!)

Time passes...

I get an email "the adapter is here going out tomorrow; anything else before I ship?"  You see, I'm noted for "oh, I forgot..."  Scatter-brained.

Me being me and having huge cookie cravings that week... I wrote back, "nope, well, I guess oatmeal cookies would be out of the question".

Package arrived:

Thanks, Tom!

Now, my quandary... do I "ask" for the sapphire or black Mercedes SL-600 next order?  Decisions...