Sunday, May 20, 2012

Angle Madness! - Photo Update of Final Stock Dimensioning (from Hell)

I decided to tape up the shell of Angle Madness we cut in the last episode to see how the angles and edges lined up as well as how the grain wrapped.  There were some pretty big swaths of wood removed between adjoining pieces so I wasn't sure what to expect with the grain... tone and color, yes, but flow?

Here are some bad photos, but I'm very happy with the grain wrapping around the boxes.  On some photos, a joint line looks dark because some of the pencil line is still there; they all close up gap-free and stay flat on the bench, although you'll notice my assembly table (you know, the one made to be flat?) needs a new sheet of flat hardboard!!  I'm actually thinking of vinyl-coated 1/8" MDF instead to try out, but that's another story.

Lastly, tonight I needed a break from my day job (yes, I know it is Saturday!) so I went to cut the second Angle Madness cabinet I'm doing off camera.  I could have batched the parts with the first unit, but l was recording the first one.  Plus, I had thought about the idea that one botched setup while cutting that would ruin both cabinets.

For the curious, I was going at a casual pace while keeping tabs on my friend Chris Wong's Tweet-along build of his trestle table; final time was 2 hours 30 minutes to crosscut and rip cut the  parts just like we did in the last episode.  That's 42 compound cross cuts and 42 beveled rips.  Glad I only counted after I was done...

Next episode will Domino the shell parts together (what we've cut so far) and do the drawer webbing on the interior.  Hmm, I better get off my butt this week and get the substrates for the veneered panels!!  Suddenly I feel like we're moving again :)

Thanks for following along!


  • Brian said...

    Very nice, the grain does wrap well (what I can see in the pics). Excited to see this one come together!

  • Andrew said...

    I am impressed. I just started a serving project and the angles on that are confusing me. The angles you're doing here are just impressive.

  • HalfInchShy said...

    Thanks, guys... Andrew, if you're stuck on calculating some angles, look at my About Me page for my email address and let me know some of the dimensions; maybe I can send you back the miter and bevel settings for the joints.