Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mastering Woodworking with Charles Neil - Nice Price

I've blogged about Charles Neil's "Mastering Woodworking" class in the past.  Well worth it even if you have zero inclination to make the particular projects as he shows a bunch of great tricks to make things easier and safer.  Add to that showing you a hundred ways to do accomplish the same thing with a variety of common tools and you have a winner.

He's having a special right now until November 30th where you can sign up for half price.  For about $15 a month, you'll get 3+ hours of great stuff.  The sign up is on his usual storefront; no coupons, special links, or secret handshakes necessary.  If you get on now, you'll get access to the current series on tables and the forthcoming episodes to make boxes like these:

The upcoming grandfather's clock has my intrigue.  Always loved those.


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