Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hose Hanger for your Festool Boom Arm

I know I've documented this in the past, but it was likely on a forum. A friend just wrote me asking for details so here we go :)

If you have the boom arm, you know it's fantastic keeping the hose off the ground, telegraphing over tools or curious dogs, and keeping the hose off your shoulder (what I used before the boom arm).  Problem is when you aren't using the hose, it hangs there like an elephant's trunk.

My $3 solution is a drill holder for pegboard (note that I got mine from a local big box, but that link is for reference if the pictures aren't clear).  Click the image below to see it full size to see what I mean.  I attached it to the boom arm with 4 ties, 2 crisscrossing each peg hook.  Ridiculously easy to install; I straddled one of the hose holders so it wouldn't slide down.

The benefit is that I can place the hose there quickly.  In fact, I usually throw it there.

Note that I have a D-36 hose on the boom arm.  The 'throw' trick works best with the D-27 as it is considerably more flexible (kinda miss it actually).  I use a D-36 because it works so much better with routers.


  • Brian Q said...


    As I was waiting for your reply I went to Home Depot(can I say that online or do I have to say big box?) and got the same exact peg board item and mounted mine on the same location. I remember you showing me your setup a few weeks back.... I must have remembered better than I thought. Great addon.

  • Anonymous said...

    Paul, sorry for leaving this question in this area but not aware of general question area on your blog. Anyway I see BridgeCity toolworks is coming out with a Fence system for a table saw. Do you think you will be getting one and doing a video on how to put it together
    Thanks Steve B.

  • HalfInchShy said...

    Hi, Steve,
    You have a good point, I should put up something more obvious to contact me. I'm always afraid of opening a spam floodgate (which can never be closed). I'll put something up.

    Meanwhile, the new fence is available for pre-order this Wednesday night and I'm getting it. I've seen prototypes and attended a user meeting to bat around ideas and it was impressive back then (for the JMP only then). John's added so much more functionality since and the table saw version. To have a way to make such precise cuts with the table saw and have jig pads on micro-adjustable stop blocks is too good to pass up.

    I won't be getting one early or anything... although I'd like to see if I can borrow a prototype for a video review because one after I receive the production model is, well, 8 months too late :)

    I know a cross-cut fence on a table saw doesn't need repeatable stops with thousandths accuracy, but some interesting cuts become much more possible with such a fence like taking off end-grain veneer in repeatable thickness. The JMP's cut capacity isn't up to what I want on this type of cut for some decorative projects I have had in mind for a year.

    So, short answer (?), yes, I'm getting one of each and will do a video on them. If assembly is a bit tricky, I'll cover that.

    And today I got a box of Bridge City goodies ordered earlier this year; the wait sucks, but the arrival is a blast.