Wednesday, July 13, 2011

-woot!- 100,000 views!

A couple minutes ago, the all-time reads of this little blog reached a nice milestone: 100,000 lifetime views.  Thanks to all of you for reading!
I do have to say that "all of you" is actually an interesting mix of worldwide readers. This table is from the past month's worth of readers; nice to see a lot of countries chiming in.  For those who don't know me personally, the majority of my friends are foreign-born from most every continent, except Antarctica.  That said, though, I'm sure I could befriend some Emperor penguins with a bucket of fish.
Seeing the numbers for Germany, one of the best comments I received on a video was from a German gentleman who said "why is a German in Germany reading a blog from Arizona to learn about his German tools!"  I dunno the answer, but glad he's here!

So it is difficult to know when I started this blog. Oh, it started back in May 2009, but it had 1 or 2 entries for months.  I got more serious about it near the end of 2010 although the stats show some interest in August 2010 so I'll call August the start of it.  Nearing a first year of blogging in earnest.
Lastly, the videos over on the YouTube channel are nearing the 75,000 mark.  I started the channel January 24, 2011 so also nice to see progress there.
...and, hey!, I've been recognized three times in Woodcraft! No, no, not for a serious video... for the Festool Commemorative Stein parody video.  Eh, it's a start :)