Sunday, December 19, 2010

Streaming Update

Most of my languishing remodeling projects are completed, as is the sub-panel in shop, the "shop-tectonics" after moving so many things for the conduit runs, and, you know, yadda yadda.

Tomorrow I'm starting on an impromptu project that I just drew up on the proverbial cocktail napkin.  Though my blog page talks about occasionally streaming, that never happened over summer.  So, I thought to kick on the camera during this build.  If you have sleep problems, this is your ticket!

I currently stream via  When starting to stream, UStream lets me tweet what I'm up to along with the stream's URL for your clicking convenience.  So, follow me (@PMSO) on Twitter if you'd like to know where and when I'm at it.  Chat with me via IM/Jabber (blog home page gives the details) or Skype if you're that dude in Michigan... :)


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