Sunday, December 12, 2010

More Wood Pron

Went to Woodworkers' Source Thursday morning on the way to work as they had a 3-day 25% off sale on hardwood.  Now, they tend to have higher prices so that isn't quite as crazy a sale as you'd think, but I digress...

Board on the left is just a 12' piece of 8/4 Walnut I need for handrails... nobody else had pieces longer than 8' and my rail is 10' (no, I won't do a scarf joint, thanks).  The other is Etimone, a species I never heard of before.  Looks like a member of the Mahogany family.  Spectacular colors and I plan on using the grain's curve and strip of sapwood as part of my entertainment center's back cable channel (yes, that project is finally starting this weekend).  That board is 12" wide and riff-sawn!

The last was an impulse buy.  A 5'x8" wide piece of highly figured quarter-sawn Eucalyptus.  This could make an amazing looking jewelry box.

As you can see, the heartwood edge looks like a dark cloud; will be interesting to keep that to the top of any box I make with it then carry over the cloud look with perhaps a burl veneered top.  This will just sit for now; enough with postponing the entertainment center :)

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