Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Well, They're Honest At Least...

While searching for a free video converter to convert FLV files to DivX, I ran across "VideoConverter" (clever, no?) that states it can convert most anything.  Freeware, too.  So I download it.  I'm weird in that I read license agreements since some people use those to have you okay all kinds of nasty stuff.

This one in particular has some clauses stating it installs an automatic update service.  Okay, everybody does these days (much to the chagrin of my resource load).  Further, it states it will use the updater to update the application, and download other applications to your machine, and that these applications will make peer-to-peer connections over your Internet connection (i.e., your cost), consume disk space, and make 'certain' files available for others to download.

That's a pretty hefty "continue" button to press.  Of course, I canceled it.  I will say, though, unlike a freeware program repackaged by hackers with a trojan horse in them, this is on the up-n-up... if you click it, you approved it.

Be wary... if you are curious to look, here's the link as a text link you'll have to copy/paste to view: http://apps.zangovideo.com/vdcnvr/


  • Anonymous said...

    I guess that makes two of us who read 'em... although I more just scan for that kind of stuff than read for full comprehension.