Monday, November 15, 2010

MFK-700 Dust Collection Mini Demo

Earlier yesterday, BuilderBill on the forum asked me what I thought of the MFK-700.  I love this router for its dust collection and that it's so nimble.  Most small routers like this don't seem to have a very big or stable base, but this router has a very nice wide base.  Dust collection is its star feature, though, as I demonstrate in this inpromptu video I shot last night while routing some small cove molding.  The molding will go between the tread and risers of my staircase.  Yes, the staircase from 2 years ago.  Been busy. :)

I have some issues with the MFK-700 mostly with its bit capacity when used with either horizontal base (0 or 1.5 degree).  There are a few other issues that need work-around, but nothing spectacular.  I'll be blogging about some changes I'm making to my MFK-700 to work around these issues once the necessary parts arrive within a couple weeks (backordered, -sigh-).
So here's 9 minutes of routing footage to cure your insomnia :)

(apologies to BuilderBill that I said BuilderBob on the clip!)


  • Eric said...

    That dust collection is pretty incredible.
    (seeing is believing.)
    And, it will be interesting to see how your changes work-around the capacity issues.
    Thanks Paul.