Thursday, August 5, 2010

HF Gem: Terry Wrapped Staining Pads

Long ago, I bought an 8-pack of terry-wrapped staining pads from Harbor Freight.  They were for a different non-staining use, but I can't recall.  Anyway, today I pulled them out to apply a water-based stain to a shelf.  These are proverbial "HF Gems".  Definitely worth the couple bucks they cost.

For applying the water-based stain, I soaked the pad in water, squeezed it out, and let it sit.  Once it was just damp, I used it.  Preloading with water keeps it from sucking up all the stain and applying somewhat dry from absorbed water.  Letting it sit a bit keeps the pad from watering down the stain.

Put it on your list.

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