Saturday, July 26, 2014

Angle Madness! - Finishing the Burl Panels

The burl panels for the Angle Madness project need to be pre-finished before gluing them into the drawer tiers.  I did a number of color experiments before picking a color for the panels then shot them with Polyacrylic before wet sanding to a high gloss finish.  If you've already wet sanded a hard film finish, this video won't have much for you.  If not, hopefully the process, the experiments, the repair, and all that will be interesting enough even though "it's finishing" :)

Next episode, which starts recording as soon as I hit post on this, will make trap doors in the back of these pre-finished panels for pushing cables into the back column. I may do the special episode on wire inlay first since it will cover more of how the wire for those doors will be attached.  Not sure yet!

And, yes, the past couple weeks with highs over 113ºF have been really draining! I want a ride inside a Zamboni!


  • Anonymous said...

    Very much enjoyed this video and found it most informative. Using the different products in conjunction with each other for different results was eye opening for me.
    thanks, Tom

  • Monte West said...

    When you were buffing with the Mequairs polish you used a pad on your Festool sander. What kind of pad and no. was it?

  • HalfInchShy said...

    Thanks, Tom!

    Monte: the pad I attached to the Festool is just a foam pad used for polishing with a DA sander. It was an Auto Zone pad and is labeled "Foam Applicator for DA Sander" (DA = Dual action). It is a 6" diameter pad. If you have a 5" diameter sander, it won't be a problem, just center the pad. These pads are made larger than standard sander sizes so the outside edges "feather" the surface... you'll just feather more using a 6" on a 5" sander :) At Auto Zone, this pad was right next to all the polishes so likely the same at whichever store you go to.