Monday, February 17, 2014

Simple Resaw-Fence Dust Channel

I had a problem on my last cut while resawing some stock for the back column of Angle Madness. A simple modification to the fence would help to avoid it in the future.


  • nick tinling said...

    Great tip. Another reason for me to get a variable speed router.
    Here's a tip that will also work. Glue your stock onto a relatively thick piece of MDF that is longer than your stock to give you something to safely put your hand on. You can get very thin veneers and use up all of your stock. You can also chamfer the MDF instead of the fence. Got most of this tip from "wnwoodworking" at

  • HalfInchShy said...

    That's a good idea, too, Nick. I don't have a problem with the ends at least not on this board. I resawed a board once that was wanting to bow a lot when I got to the last cut and had to double-stick tape it to a carrier board so it would help with that, too.

  • Unknown said...

    Nice Koho in the background...

    Greg in Canada

  • HalfInchShy said...

    Good eye, Greg :)

    That's my hockey stick when I was a kid. Found it in my dad's shed and decided to make it into a handle for my hockey locker door

  • Anonymous said...

    Hello from Sweden. What brand is your router fence? It looks real nice. Any complaints?

    Guessing you will be glued to the tv for the hockey final?

  • HalfInchShy said...

    Hello, Sweden :)

    The fence is a DriftMaster fence from Laguna. While I don't use the drift setting much, I love the screw wheel to finely adjust the fence position. I usually use that for resawing to get consistent pieces (except when I screw up with cleaning the table!)

    The 8" resaw fence is an accessory for the DriftMaster so it can be ordered separately. I'm guessing it would be too expensive to ship to Sweden!

    Since I don't watch much tv, I don't have cable or domestic satellite so today's game, I couldn't watch :( I would have loved to watch it! Can't believe Sweden got shut-out; US either for that matter.

    I got to see the US/Canada game at a local sports bar that opened an hour earlier since game time was 10am here. I had to go stealth with a tee shirt with the RCMP logo on it because that bar is a bit jingoistic... :-/