Wednesday, January 15, 2014

YouTube channel improvements and a fun video

Awhile ago, YouTube changed rather dramatically to link the G+ social network into its comment system. That was a bit of a mess.  However, at the same time, they updated how the channel page works and I now can create sections on the channel page for certain videos.  I've since created a section for Angle Madness besides a few other projects, like the Tim Burton Table (No Comment #2), the Sculpted Mahogany Vanity, and the Quilted Maple Frames.

The videos under each section are in reverse chronological order and if you are logged into YouTube, it will remember which videos you've seen already and watermark the thumbnail with "Watched".  Makes it a bit easier to navigate around.

I still cross-post those videos here as well as other non-video content. Certainly searching, whether with the search box to the right or the label cloud, is much easier here than there :-/

The link to my YouTube channel was buried up there, here it is again: Half-Inch Shy YouTube Channel

-yawn- boring post! ...but here's a cool video on making trees with a lathe... someday, I'd like to try this!


  • Josh said...

    I only recently got serious about producing content for YouTube, and it is a bit of a challenge to get things organized and showing up like I want - at least, more so than it seems like it should be. Glad to hear it isn't just me :/

    That tree video is impressive for sure! Do you do much turning today?

  • HalfInchShy said...

    I like some of the YouTube changes like the sections, the improved channel art, etc. These were all very over-due. Prior to these changes, it seemed very clunky (the changes also included a lot of improvements on uploading and bug fixes). Just the G+ integration was a nightmare since, like many, I have my personal gmail account (and G+ account) and one for the blog, but G+'s rules and such wouldn't allow me to manage the blog's profile from my main account. So you have to set up a third group page with everybody a member. Very awkward. More annoying, I can't be logged into both profiles in a browser; I used to be logged in as me everywhere except YouTube where it was the blog channel. Now I need to use a separate browser to accomplish that easily.

    Sound familiar?! :)

    I don't turn at all! I turned a flame finial long ago as my second ever turning; prior to that, I barely turned a pen at a demo before the demo guy went, "oh you can go faster, here, let me show you" and -pow!- he broke the pen :)

    ...but someday I'll get into it :)