Monday, November 18, 2013

Hand-cut Dovetails on Compound-Angles - Tidbits

A couple days after posting the previous video on compound-angles for hand-cut dovetails, someone wrote me wondering why they couldn't use one of the two bevel gauges for determining the horizontal line on the last joint, the one with both boards inclined off 90ยบ.  As the first video tried to show, the stolen angle for that horizontal line didn't match either reference bevel gauge, though one was close :)

In this short video, I show you a faster way to get the angle for the horizontal edges on the pin board; it's what I used when I did the drawers for Angle Madness.  I'll also try showing you what happens with the miter angle on the pin board as the pin board's inclination changes. You don't need to know this to cut the compound angles -- the procedure remains unchanged -- but it will help visualize the changing function.

I originally recorded this as a private video for Etienne to clarify things, but later realized it would likely be useful to others.