Friday, April 5, 2013

Hilariously Funny - The Shed of Doom

It's difficult to explain what this guy's goals are in building this "shed", but the thread about it on a Canadian motorcycle forum it is hilarious.  I've been reading all 21 pages of posts off and on all day.  Thanks to Charles Neil for popping it in my mailbox.

This, folks, is the Shed of Doom!

The thread is long so if you don't want to read all the hilarious replies, just scroll through each page for photo updates and a few time-lapse videos.

The whole thread is going viral on construction forums literally throughout the world.

The first two pages of forum posts have a lot of photos so flip through those.  If you can keep from reading all the funny replies, jump to page 17 to get the grand finale.

Note that there's some colorful language... oh who am I kidding, you've all done glueups before! :)


  • Dyami Plotke said...

    I did see it, and it's awesome. If anyone at the town gives me a hard time about the tree house, I'll just show them that I could have built this. ;-)

  • John Wolfe said...

    That was absolutely hilarious...all 38 pages now. People all over the world are chiming in now. Well worth taking the time to read all the comments.

  • Peter Durand said...

    That is great! I am going to try and find the address. He is in Langley, which is my neighboring township.

  • Brian said...

    oh my gosh. thank you for sharing. awesome.

  • Peter Durand said...

    Well, I found it! Its about 4 miles from home. And it is still standing. For now :-)

  • HalfInchShy said...

    Glad everybody enjoyed it; who knows how many pages its up to now (I have it in a browser window and hit refresh every so often and -poof- 'nuther 2 pages).

    Glad you found it, Peter! You are so lucky to have such an architectural landmark close to your home. You may be able to convert your front yard into an 'event parking' and charge $5 to Shed of Doom visitors!

    Last update I read, there was a long all-day rain. What won't be enough to make it fall, but all those air-tight joints might have let a drop or two in and on the OSB floor; not sure how that fared.

  • Peter Durand said...

    But, but, isn't it true that old barns stay up because they are, er, leaky? :-)

  • Morgan R said...

    Strangely, I bet it stands for years. Absent a serious snow load, there's not a lot that will take it down. We massively (and correctly) overbuild things in today's world, but if you ever go to third world countries, you get to see structures far more rickety than this one holding on for decades.

    Granted they are mold pits with innumerable safety issues, but they stand.